Are selfies all the rage?

What do you think about Selfies?

I notice that lots of Asian girls are taking them and sharing all over the Internet, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and of course Pinterest.

Can a selfie be known as a “selfie” if it contains individuals besides yourself?

Must the “self” in concern take the selfie? What’s a selfie? What’s a self? Why are we all here anyhow?!
… you have the idea.

Here are few examples to get you in the mood:

Asian girl taking selfie

Nice shorts!!!

In an effort to settle this contentious discussion as soon as and for all — and thus to stay away from additional conversation of selfies, for the immediate  future — we will put together a poll on the topic and welcome web-savvy people (particularly social news editors, marketers and other Internet experts) to participate.

Our objective had been this to come away from the entire test with a succinct, definitive meaning of the “selfie” — who it includes, just what it signals, which pictures do and do perhaps not qualify.

Alas, the problems are maybe not that simple!

Asian lady taking selfie

Does it for me

Selfies, yes or NO!

To paraphrase the more philosophical of our potential participants, the term “selfie” is a linguistic catch-all, a convenient term that’s rolled away to explain a range of portraits, from duck-faced pictures teenagers take of by themselves to unusually personal snaps of politicians and famous people.

Its etymology — and that essential root, “self” — would suggest it should just use to self-portraits of solitary people. But then there’s the matter of company. Of intention. Of structure, also.

After all, aren’t the outstretched supply and the self-conscious smiles the absolute most salient selfie indicators, in contemporary, day-to-day usage?

Does the tone and intention and faint whiff of narcissism nevertheless hold, also if you’ve got a bystander to take your picture? And perhaps not to get too abstract right here, but can’t a team of individuals, all deliberately posing for an outstretched iPhone, be stated to take a selfie of their collective self?


More Selfies to come.

Let’s get the gallery working on this site and see what we come up with, in the meantime take a look at Bangla Road, it’s changing.

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