Patong Beach, Bangla rd. Phuket

Nightlife at Patong Beach

Patong Beach Bars.

Soi Bangla Road is the center and most popular of all tourist nightlife in Patong Beach, Phuket.

Soi Bangla Road is one of those places that you will either love or hate. It’s the cornerstone of nightlife in Patong and it’s not likely to change in the near future. There has been some talk of Patong becoming more of a destination for families, but with the bars and clubs at Soi Bangla still touting cheap sex, we’re unsure how true this claim is. There are less go-go bars along Bangla Road than in places such as Pattaya. What you’ll find are more beer bars.

Ladyboy greeting at Patong Beach

Nice lady!!!

On the up side, if you want the chance to meet random sexy Thai girls, Soi Bangla is an easy place to do it. Just don’t forget that most people around Soi Bangla want your money.

A typical example of this are the games the bar girls of Soi Bangla play with customers. Chances are you’ll be hustled at Connect 4 or that weird game of hitting a nail into a tree trunk with the wrong side of a hammer. Bar girls know how to get free drinks, so bear that in mind.

Some beer bars open early but most bars don’t open before nine o’clock in the evening. Closing time is flexible at the moment. Some bars close 2 AM, others close later.

If you want a few cheap drinks early in the evening, look out for happy hour when bars sell drinks for half price. Check for signs outside the bars since it changes all the time. Happy hour vary a lot from bar to bar, time of the day and from week to week.

This list will give you a idea of what to pay for drinks in Patong (list may depend which bar, what company!!! ALL prices in Baht


  • Heineken Beer Bottle 70 – 150
  • Singha Beer Bottle 70 – 150
  • Chang Beer Bottle 60 – 100
  • Whinecooler 70 – 120
  • Tequila 50 – 140
  • Cocktail 150 – 200
  • Bacardi Breezer 100 – 170

  • Mekong Whiskey 0.70l 185 – 210
  • Tequila 0.70l 270 – 600
  • Whinecooler 25 – 30
  • Chang 18 – 25
  • Singha Beer 25 – 30
  • Heineken Beer 38 – 40
  • Bacardi Breezer 47 – 60
Patong Beach, Beer bar,

Dancing on tables in fine

Patong Beach Beer bars

The town has entertainment zones with most of the nightlife on or around the Bangla Road. This road is approximately 600 metres long with many side streets (called Soi’s), exploring these you will find many shops, restaurants, market stalls and wall to wall beer bars. Beer Bars are usually small open air bars, large enough for 20 -30 people to sit around or in, they have a number of girls there to attract you into the bar, serve you drinks or dance on the bar, chat or play many various bar games, such as Jenga, Connect 4 etc. Bring your sharpest game if challenged as loser usually has to buy the drinks!!

Most Soi’s have there own DJ playing music to all the bars in that soi.

If you like a girl or enjoy the game you can buy her a lady drink. (150 – 180 Baht) Patong Beach, beer bar street.

Beer bars are small open air bars with up to 8 girls working and they will do everything they can to lure customers to their bar. Try to walk past a bar without your girlfriend, then up to five girls will surround you trying to drag you into theirs bar while grabbing your arm or something more private. It’s lots of fun but if you don’t want to drink at that bar you will have to fight your way out.

After ordering a drink one of the girls will try to start a conversation. They usually begin with asking: What is your name? Where do you come from? Do you like Thailand? How long will you stay? Have you Thai girlfriend? If you answered no on the last question expect to get lot of attention, you will not be bored. And later she will be more than happy to accompany you to a disco and show you around in Phuket for so long you want. If you decide to take her with you, a bar fine has to be paid.

Patong Beach, Soi-Sukhumviet beer bars

Not all are packed full.

In some bars a girl or two will dance around a pole, feel free to jump in with the girls. But only fun in a bar where they play their own music. Don’t be shy to ask for your favorite tune.

Playing bar games with the girls are always popular among tourists. Like paying 100 Baht for every pice of cloths they take off.

More normal games are four in a row, wood games, dice game, hit nails with a hammer and backgammon.

As Thai girls love to gamble many will play about drinks. If you are good at it you can win free drinks. But since the girls are used to play every day there is a very big chance you will lose more than you win.
It’s a good idea to practice before going to Thailand.

Patong Beach, Patong bar girl

Happy Hour?

The purpose of the game hit nail with a hammer is using the sharp end of the hammer to drive the nail deep into a wood block with the fewest tries. Some of the girls only need one hit with the hammer to drive it deep down into the wood, but usually they will need several tries before hitting the nail.

Because you are on holiday don’t mean you have to sacrifice soccer on TV since every bar have satellite TV showing Premier League, Champion League, Formula One and so on. Outside many bars will you find a sign with today’s matches. Choose a quiet bar so you can hear the TV’s sound or go to a sport bar with air-condition. All over Patong are small quiet bars that is perfect for watching soccer since you will not be disturbed by loud music or distracted by the girls.

Almost every beer bar look more or less the same. So it’s difficult to say that one is better than the others. And the girls you had fun with last year will often have moved on to another bar or if they are “lucky”, a new life in a farang country. Instead walk around, take a look, sit down for a beer, walk more and soon or later you will find a bar that will suit you.

Patong Beach Go Go bars !!!

What’s a Go Go Bar?go go bar, Bangla rd. Phuket

Go-Go bars, in theory, have the hottest, prettiest and most sexy bar girls. But that is only in theory, in practice the smaller and less popular go-go’s have girls in all shapes and looks. Standard in every go-go bar is a stage with steel poles which the girls use to dance around. Some girls will only hold on to it without moving while they have a bored expression on their face. Others will dance with their sexy butts moving up and down only a few centimeters from your face.

A GoGo bar, Patong Beach Phuket

Go Go Girls dance all night.

Go Go bars have some rip off places operating, always check the menu before ordering drinks. Never use the Go Go Touts, They work for the rip off Places by charging you 600 Baht a drink when most only charge normal price drinks 200 Baht. Most go go bars are in Patong near Soi Sea Dragon off Bangla Road you will find the largest number of Go Go bars in Phuket here.

Most singles or couples will want to see at least one on there visit, If your with a girlfriend that could be easily offended don’t try them.

In the Go Go Bars you will find girls displaying their charms and entertaining you. The girls usually dance on a raised stage around gleaming chrome poles. With the girls being a bit more covered in Patong then there is a lot more left to the imagination which always seems sexier than full nudity.

go go dancer, Patong Beach. Phuket

Everyone smiles, even when working.

Some go go’s advertise ping pong shows, women perform acts with various objects from ping-pong balls, darts and maybe even small animals. Dancers in Go Go’s can be barfined, if you wish to spend some personal time with them away from the bar.

A Go-Go bar have from 2 to 10 girls dancing at one time. When it’s not theirs turn to dance, one of the girls may approach and sit down next to you, starting a conversation and maybe ask you to buy her a lady drink. After a while it’s her turn to dance again and who knows, maybe she will be back!

At the moment it’s not allowed for the girls to reveal too much skin under “The New Social Order”. So the best place to see semi naked women is on Patong Beach where tourists and a few Thai girls are showing much more than what is allowed inside a bar where only people over 20 year have admission!

A GoGo bar, Patong Beach,  Phuket

The view from the ‘rear’

Some of the bars have shows, but in these times they risk being closed down by the police. But you can still be lucky to see a nude show in some bars in Soi Sea Dragon. A few bars in Soi Sea Dragon have boring shows performed by often less attractive girls.

Banana Disco, Tiger Complex and Tai Pan can be crowded but to the rescue comes go-go bars where you can relax and enjoy the girls without the need to fight your way out of a room packed with tourists.

Drink prices in A Go-Go bar vary a lot, you have been warned, with the bars in many of the Soi’s have no consisitant pricing policy. In some bars you can take the girl to a room upstairs.

There are not many go-go bars in Patong that are worth a visit, instead you should check out the go-go bars in Pattaya. Stickman say, “Pattaya is a far superior option to Bangkok”, and therefore also Phuket.

The entertainment in the few Go Go Bars is fun, usually relaxed and hassle free.

Popular Patong Beach bar sois (streets)Soi Easy

Soi Easy 
The least popular bar soi in Bangla Road, except for 2.floor where there are a new very popular disco named Hollywood. Unlike most of Bangla, soi easy is not an open air soi.

Soi Gonzo
Soi Gonzo is seldom crowded.
My favorite bar soi because of a “crazy” girl working in one of the bars for many years and I get strong drinks in that bar too!

Soi CrocodileSoi Crocodile
is the only soi that is packed with people every night. Katoeys rule the first part of the soi where early in the evening sexy “girls” put on a display in colorful costumes for tourists who can’t get enough of them.
Pay 100-200 Baht for a picture together with a ladyboy showing off his newly created silicon breast. Something to show to your friends back home that won’t believe she is a man.

Soi Eric is a popular but little bit boring bar soi. Only Soi Crocodile have more people.

Soi Seadragon is the place to go if you like visiting go-go bars.There are more go-go bars here than anywhere else in Patong. Tiger Entertainmen

Soi Seadragon is where you go for intimate contact with the girls in an air conditioned bar while enjoying the girls dancing on the stage. Have beer bars in the middle of the soi with go-go bars on both sides.

Soi Lion With ten bars Soi Lion is a small and very compact bar soi. Have girls in short skirts table dancing. Bangla Bungalow is located at the back of the soi.

Tiger Entertainment Bars is one of the best bar soi’s in Bangla Road. Located at Tiger Entertainment Complex you have a choice between going upstairs for dancing at the packed Tiger Discotheque or sit down for a drink in one of the maaany bars located under the disco.Soi-Sukhumviet

My favorite bar is what most be the wildest beer bar in Patong with girls table dancing in very short skirts. You find it at the entrance of Tiger Discotheque on the left side. The bar name is Sharky’s Bar and is impossible to miss.

Soi Sukhumvit Road off Rat-U-Thit Road at the end of Soi Bangla is another fairly dull place that lacks any of the real buzz of some of the other sois. They do have pool tables though.