Finding the Right Patong Hotels For Travelers

One of the most well-known beaches in the west coast of the island of Phuket is Patong. It is one of the most popular places for tourists coming from all over the world. Travelers will tell you that it was once a haven for backpackers, but the spotlight has now been transferred to the growth of luxury Patong hotels and resorts, though a large number of guesthouses still exist

The rooms in Patong hotels are elegantly furnished and there are usually gardens and spas. These hotels are available at a subsidized rate and provide all the facilities that one expects from luxury hotels.

Rooms usually cost about 1,000 to 2,000 baht per night in the cheapest Patong hotels. If you want to visit Patong with your family, then a hotel worth thinking about is the Baan Nern Sai Resort, which is situated near the central part of Patong with rooms from 1,500 baht. For people who want to enjoy the excitement of Patong and Phuket, the hospitality that this resort offers will be a welcome bonus.

Patong Hotels

One of the more attractive Patong hotels is the Baramee Resortel, where the cost per night is 2,800 baht. This hotel has 51 rooms and provides various facilities.

The price of the Absolute Sea Pearl Beach Resort is a little more. It costs 3,400 baht per night. The close view of the beach and the deluxe swimming pool area make this resort one of the most popular in the area.
Andaman Beach Suites is another good choice of Patong hotel, where the rooms start from 4,200 baht per night. Every room has an astonishing view of Patong Bay and one can enjoy the natural beauty from this resort. Also, the centre of Patong is very close and there is a huge swimming pool in this hotel.

Baan Yie Dee Boutique Resort attracts a lot of honeymooners and is situated in a prime, quiet location. This is one of the newly made resorts and has just 21 rooms going from 5,000 baht per night.

Patong hotels are available for any budget. If you’re traveling on a shoestring, then make use of one of the many cheap hotels are available, otherwise, live in luxury for the duration of your stay.

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