Bangla Bar Patong

Bangla Road is located in the heart of Patong’s nightlife scene. Bangla Road or “Soi Bangla” hosts by far more soi’s than any other street in Patong. Soi Easy, Soi Gonzo, Soi Crocodile, Soi Eric, Soi Sea Dragon, Soi Tiger. Bar Hours are from around 10:00 AM till 2:00 AM. You will also find plenty of smaller pubs and dinning spots on Bangla.

There is plenty of shopping on Bangla as well, from tailored suites, clothing, souvenirs, and even a full a shopping plaza.

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bangla road map

The following Soi’s are all located on Bangla Rd.

Soi Easy soi easy, Bangla rd. Phuket

Soi Easy is Patongs only fully enclosed beer bar soi and so is air conditioned and sheltered from the big rains.

Best known for the upstairs Aussie Bar, which attracts a faithful crowd of (drum roll, please) Australians, Soi Easy is the bar soi closest to the beach on Bangla Road.

Soi Easy is located off of the Bangla Rd, the heart of Phukets nightlife district on Patong beach. To find Soi Easy enter the Bangla Rd from the beach Rd and Soi easy is approx 200 meters on the left hand side under the Hollywood discotheque There are many active bars inside the Soi Easy complex.

Caution – watch out for the steps and ramp on the way out at the end of the night.

Soi Gonzosoi Gonzo, Bangla rd. Phuket

Lot’s of beer bars on both sides.
They have a single DJ playing the music to all bars.

Next to Soi Easy you’ll find Soi Gonzo, a cool little place that often gets overlooked between the neon of Easy and the ladboys of Soi Crocodile.

Soi Gonzo is the place to go to enjoy all the enticements of Bangla Road without having to deal with the crowds. There are maybe ten bars on Soi Gonzo, such as the interesting-looking Black Cat, but the perennial favourite is The Wet Spot, the friendliest bar on the soi.

You know the song about going “where everybody knows your name?” Well, they might have been referring to this welcoming little spot.

Soi Gonzo is pretty plain when it comes to decor but once you enter you will find that the ladies and good times are plentiful. Most of the bars play hip hop and seem to try to play over one another throughout the night. One bar seems to dominate when it comes to volume and they like to play heavy rock. There is 21 bars currently in this soi.

Soi Ericsoi Eric, Bangla rd. Phuket

Run by a team from Europe, Soi Eric has done a good job of bringing order from chaos. The first thing you notice is that Soi Eric doesn’t sound like battle of the bands. There is one DJ who plays the records for the entire street, which cuts down on some of the noise and confusion of the other sois.

Of course, some like the confusion and with six different beats playing even the worst dancer is bound to find one by mistake. Soi Eric has also tried to cover all the bases, with a pharmacy and art gallery at the front, a restaurant at the back and a go-go bar as the anchor, Soi Eric takes care of most of your needs (the girls handle the rest).

Soi Crocodilesoi Crocodile, Bangla rd. Phuket

This is a very busy Soi in high season, the 4 bars closest to the main road are lady boy bars, many dancing for your entertainment, there is always a big crowd in the street outside taking photographs etc ,please note the ‘girls’ charge 100 baht for your picture with them.

Also known as ‘Soi Katoey’ for the prominent stage where ladyboys shake everything they’ve got (and some things that were just recently added). This is the most consistently busy of the bar street’s and even on a weeknight in low season there are plenty around.

Moulin Rose Cabaret Show and D Club (nightclub) is situated at the back of this Soi. I would go and see the show, but with a girlfriend or bar girl if you feel uncomfortable on your own, visit the D Club nightclub after, plays mainly hip hop, dance with a good mixed crowd.

Soi Sea Dragonsoi Seadragon, Bangla rd. Phuket

This Soi has beer bars and go go bars, the biggest number of go go bars in Phuket are located in this Soi. Worth a visit if you have not been to any, some are saucier than others, especially later in the evening.

Lined on both sides with go-go bars, Soi Seadragon is the place to go to watch scantily clad maidens shake what they’ve got for all they’re worth. Places like Playschool A-Go-Go, Lolita A-Go-Go and The Bang Bang Club offer plenty of eye candy, while those who would rather have a beer and a chat will find a home at Two Brothers, Crow’s Nest and Mickey Mouse.

Soi Vegassoi Vegas Bangla rd. Phuket

Soi Vegas, has thebrilliantly named Katoys’ R ‘ Us

YES ladyboys featuring flamboyant dancing on the bar counter, competing with Big Spender and King Kong. On both sides several new snooker rooms opened lately.

At the end of Soi Vegas is Sala Muay Thai – a small Thai boxing stadium with nightly fights, more a tourist attractions than a real fight, but at least you can have a glimpse for tha price of a beer and decide if you you want to see the real thing.

Soi Lion is now closed.soi Lion Bangla rd. Phuket

Located between Soi Tiger and Soi Seadragon, Soi Lion is the new kid on the block at Bangla Road.

With only ten bars, its compact size makes it a perfect destination if you want to drink your way from one end to the other, a practice that’s almost guaranteed to have you doing the ‘Technicolor Yawn’ on one of the larger sois. 69 and Pum Pui seem to be the main attractions here.

This is one of the smallest soi’s on Bangle Road but is laid out similar to other soi’s with bars on both sides and is much more brightly lit, good if your are young and handsome.

In Soi Lion have about 7-8 beer bars. Enjoy and have fun.

Tiger Complex and the new complex with more details to come.

Hot spot number one is without doubt Tiger Entertainment, offers a great atmosphere and a good place to meet the lady’s.(watch the drinks prices) Tiger Night Club, Bangla rd. Phuket

This is a very busy place, with lots of bars but having a single DJ. It is located under the Tiger discotheque. A lot of the bars in this Complex have regular dancers on their bars to entertain you. This complex is always busy with people drinking before going to the nightclubs.

Discotheque is located in the heart of Patong’s nightlife venues off of Bangla Road. The club has two floors, the first floor being the main dance floor and the second floor which looks over the dance floor. Tiger Disco has an excellent sound system, and laser lighting system. Tiger Disco holds quite a few people and is packed full of party goers every night. They play a mix of hip hop and techno which usually gets the crowd moving. If you are seeking a lady or man then the dance floor of Tiger is a good place for you to be.

Soi Sukhumvit Road ( Formly Soi Moodies )Sukhumvit Sign, Bangla rd. Phuket

This is a newly named Soi, formally Soi Moodies. Located opposite C&N Hotel Patong, off Rat-U-Thit Road. All the bars are all located under one roof and are nicely laid out, where you can play pool in some of the first bars as you go though the Soi.

Named after Bangkok’s Broadway, Soi Sukhumvit Road is technically not off of Bangla Road, being accessed from Rat-U-Thit Road (200 year road) you may want to check it out.

Happy Roadhappy road, Bangla rd. Phuket

This very new soi opened late Dec 05 and has the old Cocktail & Dreams bar relocated here.
Seduction nightclub is first floor above the Cocktail & Dreams bar. The small Thai boxing stadium is situated at the back but is more for entertainment than real, with some very cheap Thai restaurants situated at the back with, good food at low cost give them a try, especially for seafood.