Asian Games Is A National Symbol

These organized events like the countdown is constantly rising as a national symbol, as the history of World Expo in Philadelphia, the Japanese Olympic Games, Asian Games by foreign media as “China’s great power to repeat the past the road to development” means. This grand event has become part of people’s lives because the Chinese media, 7 in the daily news network to remind viewers about the Asian Games in the opening of the countdown.

Singapore’s “Straits Times” article “in a country in the evolution of a grand performance and a small step,” reported that over the past few years, China seems to be used for many major events countdown activities. Now is the opening of the Guangzhou Asian Games 12.

7 pm every day of the national China Central Television news programs broadcast will remind viewers away from this or that event, how many days. The legendary grand event is increasingly becoming part of everyday life.

However, not everyone is welcoming this large scale event. Critics at home and abroad will interfere with normal life, for the preparation of such event for the social engineering and the high cost of the attack.

Although some of the comments are understandable, but these events are actually a larger political goals. More than a century of history as the background can be discerned.

Since the late 19th century, this event has become a national promotion ladder in the world need signs. If you run well, other countries will be the event interpreted as a signal that the emerging countries has become a need to take seriously the role. Therefore, the event is both a celebration of the achievements to date, but also on the potential strength of the show.

Held in Philadelphia in 1876, the United States its first World Expo. 1904 Olympic Games is the first visit the United States. Only the last two event held in Europe.

The United States was experiencing rapid industrialization and urbanization process. It is growing, like with the Atlantic Ocean [20.03 -6.14%] across the old British Empire match.

Japan also followed the same development path. It host the Olympic Games in 1964, 1970 World Expo. The two event marks a major power once again rise.

Interestingly, the United States and Japan are in their country has a major political change – the American Revolution and the 1776 Meiji Restoration in 1868 – about 100 years after organizing the event. China’s Olympic Games and World Expo in 1911 after a landmark for nearly – a century held.

From this perspective, organized event can be seen as the evolution of modern large country in the process of signs.

As for such event in China since been strongly criticized the United States for the first time the Olympic Games and World Expo, also became the object of ridicule in Europe.

In short, China is just repeating the last big country in the path of development. It is not a grand performance show staged a series of exaggerated upstart. It is going through a phase; some people think that this stage is a rising great power must pass through stages of growth.

As Europe and the United States, China will cross the stage. Use these event to the desire to impress the world will one day subside. China will switch to another quiet way to show its strength and status. Meanwhile, the rest of the world need only these grand performances during the show to sit back relax and enjoy on the line.

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